March 31st, 2020


supporting amazon workers

Amazon workers are walking out of warehouses that they say are not keeping them safe from Coronavirus.

Let's face it - we've know for a WHILE that Amazon isn't nice to workers. Over monitored, over worked, under paid. They work for the richest human in the world - worth $116.9 billion. Amazon employs 798,000 people. Jeff Bezos could give every employee $100,000 tomorrow, he would still be worth $37 billion. I feel like he could survive on that.

SO the new goal is don't buy from Amazon. I used to buy from them a lot, and got it down to about an order a month. My last order was on March 8. Origami paper for makerfaire (event which got cancelled), a fitted sheet (hard to find these by themselves), wool socks, special coin batteries. I'm going to see how long I can go. Wish me luck!

I typically only boycott a company if they're evil AND unsatisfying to me as a customer. Hobby Lobby was easy - I stopped shopping there years ago because they were fighting hard to avoid covering birth control as part of employee health care, but also their checking/scanning/return processes were painfully slow and antiquated, and their stuff was generally cheap crap. I stopped shopping at Walmart because they were sounding evil, and their parking lot was terrible.

The reason I generally require two things is that I'm afraid MANY companies might be evil, might underpay their workers. Target seems nice but who works in the factories where their stuff is made, who's to say it's really better? The only for sure good thing to do is buy less from everybody. Which I also try.

I wonder if I can talk my husband out of Amazon Prime. He really loves having every single streaming service. Could be tricky.