March 23rd, 2020


board games at home

Oregon Trail: The Card Game
Olive has always loved this game. Like the old 90s computer game, you pretend you're on a wagon trail in the 1800s trying to go west. Along the way you are likely to die randomly from a highly contagious disease for which there are no vaccines or medical care. We got this out and played a round, but for some reason it's just not as fun this week. I put it away and we probably won't be playing much of it.

This game starts with somebody getting straight up murdered. I find it much more comforting than Oregon Trail. You pretend you're at a party moving around rooms with all your friends laughing and accusing each other of foul play. It took a bit for Olive to understand "process of elimination" but that extra strategy challenge is good for her. Josie and I are competitive as hell at it.

When we just want to survive, we get the dominoes out and play mexican train. Or is it just train? Why mexican train? I did some googling, and dominoes were brought to this world by the Chinese sometime in the 1200s, and the game mexican train was first marketed by a California company. I think we'll just say train.

We don't have this game but Josie really wants to play it. I'm going to try to borrow it from a friend, if we can figure out a way to maintain social distance and de-contamination rules.

Star Wars Risk
I'm reserving this for if we get REALLY bored. Risk takes for freaking ever.

I hate UNO.

I will play Flux - not my favorite, because you can't really be strategic, the game changes totally randomly. But Marc loves it. I think this is because he has more than a smidge of undiagnosed ADHD going on.