March 20th, 2020


the friday five: happiness

1. What flower makes you the happiest when you see it?
not really into flowers but there are random daffodils that pop up in my yard that do make me a little happy. and the kids absolutely love them, which makes me even happier!

2. What song always makes you feel better?
songs have to copy my mood, I can't listen to Lizzo sing Good As Hell if I'm not already a little happy. Tonight I was feeling a lot, and turned on Hamilton. I listened to George Washington sing about leadership and history having its eyes on this moment, on the brave, the wise, the fearless. There is always a song.

3. Do you enjoy making people laugh or are you more afraid of them laughing at you?
I love making people laugh! I won both club and area toastmasters contests one year for my funny speech about my time working in a shoe store.

4. Have you ever been called ‘The Life of the Party’ and for good reason?
It's a really nerdy party that would call me the life of it, but I'm sure it could happen.

parties :(

5. Do tee shirts and bumper stickers make you laugh?
here's one. be a lert. the world needs more lerts.