March 19th, 2020


chewy review

I used to get my pet food through dr. fosters but last year they got bought out, stopped carrying my dog's food, I didn't like how petco handled the buyout automatically switching me to a WAY more expensive brand without my permission, so I bailed. I thought about just using pet food as my amazon add-on stuff to get to free shipping, but then tried out and I like them for now.

reasons to not use amazon:
1) I heard they'd gotten kind of evil about how they treat their workers. or, as marc so nicely pointed out, "gotten evil? no that means they've BEEN evil, you just found out about it!" always honest.

2) it's nice to look at a download of lines on credit card statements and immediately tell what you spent on pet food, versus what you spend on random stuff off amazon. let's face it, I buy stuff I don't need sometimes. Not always! I try not to order more than once a month anymore, and it's mostly for things like birthday gifts but you know how it is. gets you sometimes.

3) heard on reviews that their boxes are sturdier for shipping heavy pet food stuffs.

chewy gives you a 5% discount if you sign up for autoship - but you can set it to just about any duration and change it at any time. so if I suddenly realize I'm out of ferret food but good on dog food, I just go change my autoship to ferret food only and hit ship now. and it's like "we'll ship this same order of ferret food in six weeks!" so I have six weeks to change my order around again, I just set myself a reminder to check on supplies. it's like I'm manually autoshipping.

this week they've been nice. I placed my order, and got a message saying they were a little behind because of the coronavirus and needed about four days, then I got another message in a few days saying they were still working on it. basically they're behind, but communicating, and that's better than nothing.