March 18th, 2020


ferret escape

Marc told me this story when I got home from work one day last week.

He was in the kitchen and heard a scratching noise. Opened the basement door to see if a ferret had gotten into the basement - we try to keep that door closed, but sometimes forget. Nope. Heard it again. Figured it was a ferret trying to get into some closet they're not allowed in. After it wouldn't quit he looked around and this time saw frankie scratching at the outside of the back door, wanting back in.

This is in the true outside world, as in, not in the house at all. the world of tall grasses, fast cars, confused people, squirrels, possums, dogs, cats, raccoons, snakes, badgers, bears, alligators... well maybe not all that in Kansas. But I have seen raccoons.

She was cold and wet and we have no idea how she got outside. We do let them run around the house during the day a lot, even have a litter box in the upstairs bathroom for them, but marc and I are both of the opinion that outside doors are kept closed? I saw watson standing at the threshold one day when I left it open bringing groceries in, I didn't know he was out of his cage, I was like "whoh close call!" but this was a genuinely close call.

Last year we took frankie camping and let her roam a little bit outside under close supervision, but she kept trying to explore under tents or cars where we couldn't watch her so she lost that freedom.

at least she was smart enough to know where the door back in was.