March 14th, 2020


everything is cancelled

I am safe and healthy and grateful. My family is safe and healthy. We have food, shelter, clothes, and a neighborhood to take walks. a dog. friends. social media. all the streaming services.

but it's really hard for me to see the world around me shut down.

I am not working from home yet... not sure how that will work. we work in teams, we go out to airplanes support people who are physically building and repairing them, how will that play out?

everything else shuts down around me instead. the st. patrick's day parade, the used book sale at the library, the kids engineering expo, the local science museum, conferences I was excited to present at, I just watched the announcements tumble in and each one makes me feel a little bit like crying but I know there are people who are genuinely sick or losing family members and they do not have what I have. I know there are people who can't get a paycheck and don't have an emergency savings account. My family will survive.

Marc said he really had to scrounge to make dinner, people are so freaked out at the grocery stores stocking up like crazy. he got one of the last pounds of ground beef and cans of tomatoes. there are no paper goods.

there is one sick person from a neighboring county who was brought to a wichita hospital. he'd been traveling internationally, he tested positive for COVID-19, that's our one case so far. there are more in kansas city.

things I do to mentally escape:
1) listening to amy poehler's "Yes Please!" on audio CDs in my car
3) walk my dog
4) teaching josie origami

oh that's right. 2000 sheets of origami paper showed up at my house for my makerfaire booth this year, I was going to teach all the kids sonobe unit origami. no events though. no gathering kids. just paper. maybe we will make cranes. they are good luck.