February 27th, 2020


Coronavirus priorities

Dear news media, and everyone... when I hear a story or conversation about Coronavirus, I am interested in hearing about

1) the victims
2) their families
3) what we can do
4) can we prevent it
5) a vaccine
6) the scientists working on a vaccine

Somewhere down in item 5000000 on the priority list, if even that, we can talk about the damn stock market... or not! That's better, CAN WE NOT? I do not need to hear about your 401K when people are dying! There, I said it!

Is it just me or do the economic implications just keep creeping into the news stories, when I turn on the radio or run across a web article? Am I looking at the wrong websites, or listening to the wrong radio stations? When did we forget what's really important? Or is this just what capitalism can do to people?