February 21st, 2020


the friday five goes out on the town

It's time for thefridayfive

1. Would you rather have the unpredictability of live theatre or the predictability of a movie?
Live theater every day, it's so much more fun and engaging! I don't know if it's the "unpredictability" - some live theater, you know EXACTLY what you're going to get, every time. But when it's smaller sometimes it can be unpredictable, and that's fun.

2. Do you prefer the symphony and/or opera to a live band or the other way around?
I don't go out much to live music, and bands are always too loud, sorry to sound so old. My favorite thing to see is broadway musicals. I have never been to an opera, but I think I would enjoy it.

3. When you go to a museum, where do you head first?
If there's a special exhibit included in the general admission then that's where I'm going first. If that's not a thing well then, I'm going all the way to the top floor and working my way down.

4. Would you prefer a pub crawl or a sampling of beer or wine in one restaurant?
Sampling in one restaurant so I can relax and chat. I don't think I've ever done a pub crawl.

5. When you visit a new place, what is the first thing you like to visit – something recommended by a travel agency/travel book or something recommended by a friend?
If we're talking restaurants, I love friend recommendations. For big tourist attractions/museums I'll go with the crowd and just hit the biggest things.