February 15th, 2020


drinking at spangles!

I definitely need to have the occasional lj entry about the unique party that is wichita, kansas.

this month: enter the spangles margarita.

spangles is a local fast food chain. hamburgers, fries, "breakfast bowls", shakes, 50s decor, statues of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, cars and records used in decor. Owned by an eccentric local family that we enjoy gossiping and speculating about. The commercials can be weird, but the fries really are the best. They're all over the city and they even opened one in topeka last year. maybe 20 locations?

Anyway I guess somebody got them a liquor license and this month they changed all their signs to advertise 99 cent margaritas and screwdrivers. their featured breakfast drink has always been the orange juice slush... they don't have regular orange juice, just the frozen version. I guess somebody decided to throw vodka into it. at a place where you normally take your kids for ice cream or grab breakfast through the drive through.

I'm sure there's been drunk people at spangles before. We just didn't think they'd start serving the drinks there.

So! Last weekend marc and I were kid-free, went out for a nice dinner and then a drink or two at a club he DJs at. We were driving home and passed by our local spangles, with the sign, and both said hell, how have we NOT tried the spangles margarita yet? Their dining room closes at 10pm and it was like 9:55 - we came in behind several other people just as they were locking the door. Apparently they normally try to do a last call at 9:45 but we were all there for the margaritas so they let us in. It was marc and me, another couple, and three young women, all giggling about wtf was going on with drinking at spangles. Marc and I ordered boneless wings (aka chicken nuggets with buffalo sauce) to pretend like we were NOT just there to try the drinks - everybody else was margaritas only. We all sat at adjacent tables and struck up all the conversations! Browsed through free copies of SPLURGE magazine - a wichita publication that features ads for cosmetic surgery ("this some andover shit!") and society people at their fancy parties. our local spangles is not in what you'd call a nice part of town... none of us were going to be in fancy party photos, lol. unless splurge wants to come photograph random couples drinking at spangles. nope, that's not going to be a splurge article. showing each other kid photos, asking where the afterparties are, then we all jokingly agreed to meet back up at the same place next saturday.

verdict: pretty good margarita! goes well with the boneless wings.

Everybody knows spangles brings out the shamrock shakes made with real girl scout thin mints in march.

I'm thinking schnapps, guys!