February 11th, 2020


digital detox day 15

I'm halfway through my 30 day trial of less cell phone use.

This is not going to be my newfound way of life. It's good for me to use the phone less, but I miss my apps. I miss reddit because it made me laugh and there were photos of puppies. I miss facebook, giving advice to people in the communities. I miss getting a quick linkedin notification and just freaking clicking yes instead of making a mental note to remember to check it later.

There's a lot of remembering, I think that's the worst part. You think of something to check on, but there's no phone, so you just try to keep it in your brain until you get to the internet again somehow. That's mental work I could do without.

I think I could use my phone less, but add the apps back. I like that I am going to lunch and the bathroom and walks without my phone.

My husband still has pokemon on his phone but rarely logs into it... I think if I could play that way, it'd be worth it. I think back to work trips to foreign cities... pokemon showed me things to walk to, got me out of the hotels and motivated me. that's a happy memory.

I'm going to stick with the 30 days just to see if I change my mind, but it'll be really interesting to add it all back and see if I suddenly feel overwhelmed.