February 9th, 2020



I checked out "the little book of hygge: the danish way to live well", all about how everyone in denmark loves their coziness. As a book there was no substance to it, some surveys and sketchy research about how the danes are the happiest comfiest people in the universe.

it is pronounced "hoo-ga" but as an american my head wants to call it "huggy".

the gist:
1) light some candles
2) wear a comfy sweater
3) make a hot beverage
4) set out sweet breads and snacks
5) invite some friends over to read or play board games
6) enjoy the simple things and talk about how great your hygge is

I gave the book a hearty scan so I am not well versed in how to use hygge as a noun, verb, or adjective, sorry. you can make other words from it. but mostly I just noticed how my world is already pretty much there. I come home in the evenings, cozy upstairs in my room with a book, wearing wool socks and a hoodie.

saturday night we went over to my friend el's house, which I decided is the most hygge place I can think of even though she's a multi-generational wichita lifer and her husband is of southern european, maybe middle eastern descent. nothing danish. her house is full of art and plants. browns and greens. there is always an ample amount of food served at seemingly random times, a dinner invite is more like an invite for several hours of heavy grazing. I always somehow drink too much. she talks in circles about abstract ideas that I listen to more and more throughout the night, even if I understand less and less. she goes off on gardening, astrology, activity concepts. we both have first grade daughters and they love each other and are best friends for life.

hygge is a nice idea but you don't need a book about it, I guess either go to denmark and spend five years making perfect new friends, or make your own friends wherever you are, wear your comfiest clothes and declare yourself there. nobody has a monopoly on happiness and it's not that hard to figure out.