February 6th, 2020


rodents vs. weasels

FRICK I saw a mouse run across our kitchen floor early in the morning when I was trying to make coffee. THIS MEANS WAR.

And speaking of pests we also have ferrets.

I've read that this can even out though, ferrets used to be used for mouse hunting? I told our chunky guy, watson, that I read this on the internet, and told him to find and kill the mouse. He was looking me dead in the eye when I said this so I assume he got it.

Then he attacked a plastic bag.

Hopefully that's a warm up, but the ferrets are always attacking something so I could see this panning out. We can't set as many traps as we did years ago when we had a mouse, because the ferrets run around behind the fridge sometimes... we'll have to be very careful. I think there's a cabinet that mice liked before but we can child lock it so the ferrets can't get through the doors, if they're a tiny bit open they get into everything. They're very busy. They run around with intention, stealing what they can, like they're on a mission. I can't figure out what it is.

My dog's mission is to smell every tree for as long as caninely possible. The guinea pigs' mission was to eat all the lettuce, or hide from being eaten. My kids mission is to create all the tiny worlds out of legos, paper, play-dough, or pixels in fortnite.

my mission is to kill this damn mouse.