February 2nd, 2020



I haven't had a "migraine" since I was pregnant - and that kid is six! but it happened at work last week.

I feel like I have to use the term migraine in quotes because mine are so DIFFERENT I can't believe these conditions all fit in the same diagnosis. mild headache. I took a couple Tylenol that evening. this always make me feel very lucky because so many people have debilitating migraines that strike them down with intolerable pain for days.

I don't have unbearable pain migraines, I have dysphasic aura migraines.

So I was at work in my office on a teleconference, when I noticed something "off" with my peripheral vision. then it got worse, then sparkly. I texted marc that I was getting a migraine, he knows the drill. then I IMed a coworker to cover for me in the meeting because they were asking me questions and I was starting to lose focus, I was testing my handwriting and wondering what letters to write. My colleague/backup engineer came in my office and I explained to him what was going on and how this all works and I totally freaked this poor guy out, but I was like just go with it! I can fake my way through a lot, but I was mispronouncing the technical words and supplier names and needed him to do the talking.

After the meeting I left my office to sit at my other desk out in the cubes so I wouldn't be totally isolated, but I was getting weirder and weirder so I texted marc the best I could... reading it later, I seriously sent him: "when do you kids thing get me?" which was my way of saying come get me after you get the kids, but again... the brain thing! you hunt and hunt for the right words and you know it's not right, so you just try and hope for the best. And that's why I texted marc as soon as I knew the migraine was coming - because then I didn't have to make sense 20 minutes later, he was expecting it.

I went home and napped for a bit, and had that headache most of the evening, but ate a nice dinner and hung out with the kids. I regained my speech capabilities after about two hours.

The next day I called my doctor and asked for a maxalt refill because I tend to get these in clusters. 3-4 in a year, then none for years. I think they're in the winter more.