January 31st, 2020


three things olive, age 6, is into now

1) HAIRSPRAY The Musical! John Travolta, Queen Latifah - she dances in front of netflix the whole time. and when we're not watching it, she wants me to play "you can't stop the beat!" on my bluetooth speaker and we dance in my room until we're out of breath. she was also inspired to learn how to snap. and she's nailing it, she can totally snap!

2) sweater dresses. I got her a christmas dress and she wore it waaaay past christmas, so I got some deals on a couple non-christmas ones and now that's the wardrobe staple. it's a dress, but it's warm, and you never have to pull it down, and you're cozy all the time. she's addicted.

3) oregon trail! we got the card game, and I mentioned that it was a computer game we played at school to learn about history. thanks to google, it can still be found and played online, and it's so much better than the card game. a true class. just like I remember - she delights in naming the wagon party after her friends, then laments their demises. she's learned about the measles, dysentery and typhoid. she's bad at hunting so her party always dies. we'll work on that. I was awesome at it. I didn't even buy food at the forts, just bullets.