January 29th, 2020


digital detox day 3

I decided to do the digital detox thing. I deleted all "optional" apps off my phone... facebook, reddit, pokemon go, bejeweled, pinterest, etc. I am making a conscious effort to leave my phone behind when I can. I'm kind of surprised I haven't lost my phone yet - that's really where I see this going.

I have not yet achieved inner peace.

The book says humans need time spent in quiet solitude, so I'm trying to appreciate the new moments I have to myself. most of them aren't that interesting though. I stopped taking my phone to the bathroom. I have to sit by people in the cafeteria - although I usually did before.

I look around the office breakroom while my lunch is microwaving. Today I had to search far for an open microwave, and that breakroom had a printed sign on the fridge that said "DO NOT USE ITEMS IN THE REFRIGERATOR THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU (THIS INCLUDES MUSTARD)"

of course I was like oh man that's funny I should take a picture with my phone and post it on reddit but eh, no phone, and even if I did have it, no reddit. then another guy came in to use the microwave after me and I was going to ask if he thought it was funny but he was on his phone.

most of the time my life isn't that different. I don't *feel* an extra 15 hours a week yet. but it's early.