January 26th, 2020


digital minimalism

I'm reading "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport. After a few chapters about how bad technology is for you, it quickly gets to a challenge: ditch all "optional technology".

So... SEE YA LJ!

Just kidding. I'm not going to do that. It also tells you to step back, decide what you value, decide whether technology is the best way to bring yourself closer to what you value, and ditch everything else.

Livejournal is something I actually want to do more because I really like the end result: thoughtful friends, my life documented, fleshed out thoughts.

I also don't use my phone much for livejournal, because phones are terrible at it. Even the "recent comments" page has some stupid safari bug that keeps it from loading.

Checking my screentime though, I did see that I spend about five hours a week on facebook, reddit, and pokemon go.

That's five hours each... aka 15 hours... aka a part time job.

Maybe I should get rid of them.

I do like using facebook for events. Check and see if I've been invited to parties, set up events, etc... but I don't need my phone for that and I definitely don't need five hours a week for it. As a phone app, it can go.

My pokemon excuse is that I play it because it's auxiliary to my life. Waiting in line, walking the dog... but Digital Minimalism also has a chapter about the importance of solitude and self reflection. Things that I am missing. Damn, I guess pokemon has to go for 30 days.

Reddit is darn fun and sometimes I post and get good advice. But usually I'm just sucked into photos of cute dogs. 30 days without reddit? I think I'm going to miss all those dogs. But it's only 30 days, I can go back.

I have several other little games and rarely used sites like pinterest that will be going too.

I haven't done this yet but I'm really leaning towards it.

ask me again in two days. hell in that time, I'll probably have deleted the apps, realized I'm too addicted, and loaded them all back up again.