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car survey!

(note: this entry and several comments on it were edited/deleted once i revisted it with a clear head! it should all make sense now!)

I don't feel like writing anything because I spent the afternoon with dad in a sports bar watching our football team get SMASHED. f it all, i'm ashamed to go to the college i go to. well, at least there was beer.

so, to avoid that discussion, take rawbery79's car survey!

Make: Ford
Model: Probe
Year: 1994
Color: red
Engine: 4 cylinder (don't laugh at me)
Miles? 48K
Size? little
Describe your car in three words: cute, functional, efficient
How did you get your car? Daddy bought it for me the year Laura learned to drive. Three women sharing one car wasn't a good idea, so he got that one for Laura & I. She didn't learn to drive though, so I've got the car.
Have you ever had any accidents with your car? Me? No. But as I said, Laura never learned to drive, so there's a significant love-mark on the passenger side where she backed it into a tree two year ago. That was a bad day for me.
What kind of gas do you use? cheap
Furthest driven? probably hutchinson with dave, that's about 4 hours.
Anything wrong with your car? well, there's that passenger side dentage...
Last repair? it had an exhaust leak, I was a moron and took it to the wrong place where I got screwed over. sigh. these lessons must be learned, I suppose.
How have you personalized your car? um... it's a mess?
Radio? yes. very good FM reception, and also a tape deck.
How many sets of keys do you have? 3? I forget if Dad's got one or not, but I know I have the main key and a spare. big honkin' ford key, it's awful.
Next car? convertable, maybe?
What will you do with this car? come May/June, it will probably go to my sister, so she can live with the damage she's done :)
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