December 22nd, 2019


party leftovers

Still having great parties at the house a few times a year, they just change with age.

No leftover cheese plate or steak hummus.

bought vodka, forgot or just weren't feeling like making cosmopolitans.

Things that were left at my house:
- nine unopened beers
- two loaves of nice bread
- a travel coffee mug
- somebody's coat
- two extra children, under the age of 10

I'm really excited about the bread!

nowdays we can't have a party without getting a "can so-and-so spend the niiiiiight?!" too bad josie is the worst at sleepovers, quickly forgets that it was basically her idea and gets sick of people and wants to be alone. shrug. yeah kid, you can't ghost out on a party that is going to last until the next morning.