October 20th, 2019


sleeping in the cold

We went on a camping trip for two nights and figured it would be "good sleeping weather" cold... fall snuck up on us though. It was in the 40s. I about froze. I was not prepared, we just had blankets and sweats, not the thermal layers and wool socks. So I slept horribly, waking up again and again all night and every time, I swear, I had to pee, which meant really getting my courage up and going outside the tent.

at some point marc was freezing too. he was sleeping on a cot. I hate cots, they constrict me, but he joined me on the ground and we tried to snuggle up for warmth. you'd think that after 12 years of marriage we'd be great at this. nope.

then olive woke up crying and cold in the kids' tent and marc went and brought her to me. I snuggled her and she passed back out and I did too. that was the best sleep I had, and neither of us woke up until the sun was up. maybe because her sleeping bag was on top of us - it was nice and warm - maybe because she was warm but small enough not to have to navigate around too much.

I would have thought I didn't sleep at all, but every time I woke up I'd been dreaming. so I knew I must have been asleep because I was just at the mall or something. I don't usually wake up having remembered a dream, but that night there must have been a dozen. they were all terribly boring. that's the trend. maybe that's how I dream now, at 39 years old.

truly boring.

I was going shopping with three people I didn't know, and we weren't sure who would drive. So I said I would drive.

I was invited to a coworker's party, and wasn't sure what to wear, then realized I was already wearing the shirt I liked underneath my sweater. his house was decorated extremely typically, in beige with dark wood furniture. he had a nice home office. I told the people at the party a funny scene from an episode of Frasier I'd just watched.

I should be happy I don't have nightmares anymore, even though it's October and I've been reading scary books lately. But I was mostly just disappointed I can't have flying dreams like I read about.

Back to reality at the camping trip: daytime temperatures got up to the 70s, we went on beautiful hikes on trails through the woods both days, the girls had a blast. we brought the dog and the ferret. If I'd just been better dressed for the cold, I'd be great. Next time.