October 14th, 2019


language - age 6

I always tell new parents to write down a sentence their child says every month - they never do it, but I think it'd be fascinating. I only realized this after I read up some on language development and how fast and unpredictable and mysterious it is. How the human brain wires itself up for something as complicated as language is just insane.

So Olive is almost six and a half. She was going to show me her new shirt but it wasn't in her room, so she said:

"I thought I bringed it up here but, sadly, I did not."

I thought what a wonderful complicated sentence, look at her inserting an adjective into the second prepositional phrase, and correctly! Then I realized she said "bringed".

Apparently sentence structure is a milestone achieved before verb conjugation? Who knew!

The best way to teach your kids how to talk is just to use words correctly around them. They absorb it like tiny sponges, almost immediately. So I said "You thought you brought it up here? Well maybe later!" Sometimes when I do this she'll use the word right away in a sentence, this time she didn't.

Other things I remember her saying area just more entertaining, I want to remember them so here they are.

Us, discussing what to have for dinner.

Olive: "Let's have catfish!"

Me: "Olive we just had catfish. I know it's your favorite but we can't have it every night."

Olive: "Well what is today?"

Me: "Sunday"

Olive: "Let's just have it every Sunday."

and this conversation...

"Mama what's your favorite thing in the whole wide world?"

(me, thinking... ) "I don't know Olive. That's a really big question, I'll have to think about it"