October 7th, 2019


maybe I'm done with thoughts

here's why it's hard to update the livejournal some days.

1) I read a writing prompt asking what I'd do if I was the president of the United States.

2) I think that's easy... legal drugs, free healthcare, free college tuition.

3) Well... free college tuition to maybe most people, but we need to do more to make kids aware of where the jobs are going, I don't think enough 18-year-olds think about what they will be doing with their degrees, there are some degrees that just don't make sense for a ton of people to pursue, so if you have to PAY for the degree doesn't that make you look at the earning opportunities a bit? Maybe we should give 100 free engineering degrees for every 1 free culinary arts or philosophy degrees.

4) That'd make philosophy SUPER COMPETITIVE, and is that even the right number? Do we base it off job openings, entry level salary, or something totally arbitrary? and if we base it off today's numbers will they just mess up and change in the future? why government mandate kids decisions anyway, how evil am I?

5) Surely somebody has already thought of all this. There are thinktanks, researchers, probably some great article in the new yorker. I don't have to figure this out, I can go back to fixing airplanes.

6) I'm not going to write about what I'd do if I was president, I'm clearly not going to be the president, and if I was I'd be so bored with foreign policy meetings I'd be awful at the job. I'd just yell at government offices to figure their shit out and stop being weird. I need to stick with my job. This isn't even fun to think about. It's fun to think about when you're 20, then you realize that we all have a boss, whoever we are, people who get in the way, people who know more, so you just pick a little thing you can do to add to the hive and have fun with that.