January 29th, 2019


credit card stupidity

So I was going to make a credit card update about how we were paying down debt this month so good, but I have to make an in-between one first.

I installed the chase app so every charge alerts my phone.

This has really gotten our spending in my head every day. It's also brought my attention to every expense, individually, as it comes in... and guess what? We're wasting money.

Every month:
$20 for XM radio that we barely use. $60 a quarter actually, I'd seen the charge before but I thought it was $60 a year? NOPE!
$17 for an HBO add-on to amazon prime that we signed up for, but barely use (since we have every other streaming service)
$15 for an audible add-on to prime, marc signed up for a free trial in October and forgot to cancel it
$16 extra for trash service... we were paying $20 and over the years it's creeped up to $33. All my friends are using a company that charges $15.
$20 extra on my web hosting, I was able to switch from a $60/mo plan to a $40/mo plan by deleting old files that nobody cares about and saving space. Like, my SWE section's sight actually had an extra whole wordpress install in a folder, there ya go, ahhh!

Grand total: $88 a month, aka $1056 a year... how does this happen?! I mean, $88 did not get us $7000 in debt, there are greater issues here, but it didn't exactly help.

Okay so breath, I feel like a bad person for wasting so much money but I'm not a bad person. When we troubleshoot airplanes there's always a frustration that sneaks up when we find the issue, why did it take us all day to find that this wire was chafed dah, and I once had a boss who would not allow that crap. He'd say "Never beat yourself up about that, it could have taken you five days! The point is you found it. Whenever you find the problem, give yourself a pat on the back, it's pointless to wish you would have found it instantly.

maybe the alerts are like the marie kondo equivalent for personal finance. touch each thing, give it time, think about it, thank it, then let it go.