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October 13th, 2018

drama queen 101

In working with groups who email a lot, I've learned to recognize four types of overdramatic posts that toxic people make to screw everything up. There may be more, but these are my favorite.

First, someone puts out an idea. I think we should have a plant in our office.

In theory people could just agree or disagree. Or not care! "I don't think we need a plant, but I will support whatever the team decides."

But instead we get...

1) The attack.
"Having a plant is the worst idea ever. Truly awful."

2) The personal attack.
"Whoever suggested a plant is a total idiot."

3) The mountain out of the molehill.
"We could have been the greatest team in the universe, conquering the world and becoming billionaires, but if we get a plant this place is going to explode and we will all die or go to jail."

4) The history dredge up.
"I have suggested a cactus 5,000 times a year for the last five years and nobody listened to me, now all the sudden we want a plant?"