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March 31st, 2018

Spring break trip to Oklahoma City

Last weekend with the kids on spring break I took thursday and friday off so we could be tourists like a normal American family. That's what you do! Part of what inspired this trip is we've talked about going to Disney World but I keep wondering if it's worth it. Can Olive, age almost five, endure a whole day of fun? Especially when she thinks it's really special to just go to the playground two miles from our house? Then I realized there might be fun stuff within driving distance that we haven't gone to, maybe try that first and spend a few hundred dollars on a trip before we spend thousands. Good call.

Day 1: Went to Enid since it's sort of on the way to Oklahoma City to see the Leonardo's Children's Museum. Admission: $9 per person. Time spent: Easily four hours. It was a nice day so we spent a lot of time at this crazy outdoor castle they have. It's not all science museum per se, they have arts and crafts and a "town" setting, Olive loved the tiny grocery store. I liked the giant lite-brite. In the middle there's a big indoor playground/climbing structure with little ball pit balls you can send flying around through hamster maze kinds of setups, I was impressed. Definitely worth it. Olive wanted to go back. We could have spent more time there. 

We drove to Oklahoma City and I figured the kids would pass out but NOPE, Olive was back there talking and singing with extra energy. How? I have no idea. I think Josie might have drifted off.

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