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January 21st, 2018

arm warmers

You know what I always thought was weird? Gloves with no fingers.

Then I got some through my etsy trade team because there were all these knitters making arm warmers and I thought what the heck. And you know what I realized? These are AWESOME!

You can wear them all day and do everything — type, use a computer mouse, text, write, do crafts, sew, dress your kids, all the stuff you do with your hands. Except now your hands aren't cold.

I work in an office with all men. I've been cold for 15 years. I always complained that I could bundle up all I wanted and wear a coat indoors but my hands would freeze.  But not anymore! I even wear them to drive sometimes. Bulky gloves are bulky. Sleek flexible gloves offer little to no warmth. Arm warmers, you can pull them up over your hands like mittens, or just have them warm up your hands and then it's not so noticeable. 

Took me long enough huh?