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January 10th, 2018

2017 Resolutions

It's time to get back to new years resolutions. In 2017 I took a year off, so to speak, January came around and I wasn't feeling it, I was in a haze of gross corporate overwork and post-election depression. I resolved to do nothing, keep my head down and focus on work, draw no political attention to myself, spend all available time at home on my couch.

I did not do that. April came around and I addressed a crowd of nearly 1000 people at the March for Science... not exactly keeping my head down, but I was glad I did it. Then in June I was elected president of the board of a large non-profit organization that takes about 10-20 hours a week besides my 60 hour a week job. It is what it is. As we used to say in the '05 campaign days, "Sleep when you are dead."

I also really like having new years resolutions so it's time to get back into that. My philosophies for them: No repeats. Be creative. Forgive yourself if you don't meet a few. You need 6-10. Have some small fun ones in addition to big crazy ones. Give yourself until mid-January to set them - since you'll be at these all year, no pressure to have them all written down January 1, brainstorm while you slowly and fully immerse yourself in the new year glow.

Here are my 2018 resolutions:

  • Keep the glovebox in my car clean enough to actually store gloves
  • Make hummus regularly enough to have a freezer stash
  • Save Tuesday as a family day where we eat a calm dinner together and pick up the house
  • Get updated family portraits
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