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am deprived of both time and sleep these days. last night I did a yoga tape then jumped in the shower; I washed my face, shaved my armpits, shampooed my hair, conditioned my hair, turned the water off and got out. Was about halfway toweled off when I thought, "Did I forget something in there?" my washcloth was still dry... I'd forgotten to actually wash myself. That's a new one. Wow.

I figured after college I wouldn't be sleep deprived any more but I'm coming to learn that it's how the world is. The only people getting enough sleep are the very young, with parents to force them into bed at a designated time every evening, and the very old, who are retired and have nothing better to do. I think half my generation has accepted and embrased this fact (the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" philosophy) but I'm not part of that half... I actually want sleep, I just don't get it. Such is life.

Will take labor day weekend off from the computer world, so you probably won't here from me.

Oh, and I put a new quiz on What's Your Geek Decade? This is a monumental quiz... not because it's interesting, it's probably one of my more boring ones, but because it's not scored using any javascript. That's right, php! And I wrote it myself... it was terribly easy, but still a first for me. I feel like I real webmistress now. The world is mine! I love php! next, I will edit the script to output the answer pages, since they're super easy, and use SQL to keep track of how many people get each answer to base tied results on commonality. All in good time. Just stuff on the list.
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