February 11th, 2017


the family baby

a long time ago I was pregnant and I also had an almost-three year old spacekid to chase around. she was getting heavy, I was getting heavy, and one day she ran to me to be picked up and I felt something bad happen in my back and had to put her down right away, and I announced okay, you are no longer being picked up. SORRY.

flash forward. I am not pregnant. I have a six year old and an almost FOUR year old, and said four year old still insists on being picked up and carried around on a regular basis. this kid is heavy. Louis C.K. described his toddler as "tiny, but she has the density of a dying sun."

I say "I can't pick you up you're too heavy." And she says in her cutest voice, "But I'm really small, mama." then she stands there stubbornly, and her big sister is getting impatient, I'm getting impatient, I'm like okay fine whatever and I pick her up or if we're really trekking give her a piggy pack ride.

This post really has no point except to say younger kids totally get away with so much more craziness because there's nothing really forcing them to grow up.

Also I gotta be strong and stand my ground, officially cut this kid off. Also make her stop sucking her thumb. Somehow.