February 9th, 2017


good news livejournallers... writing makes you happier!

I found this nice list of studies showing the benefits of writing, or as we do it, typing: The Research Is In: Writing Makes You Happier. I have always felt like livejournal was good for me, that's why I keep coming back even if fell away for a bit. It's like reading, exercising, being outside... I like the overall affect it has on me. I feel like a flower that's getting sunlight and water.

And unlike working out, I can write for five minutes here and there and eventually a whole entry comes together about some feeling, I don't have to dedicate 30 minutes at a time, don't have to wear special clothes.

Reasons I particularly related to:

1) When you write about your activities you want the complete story of them to include the reasons why you did them, and thinking back on those reasons makes them more valuable. You're reminded of the "what's it all about".

2) Writing organizes your thoughts. You're not as likely to stumble through finding the words if you force yourself to sit down and make the words. When we speak, everything is so fluid you're never forced to put the whole puzzle together like we do when we write.

3) Writing complicated thoughts gets them out of your head. Your mind doesn't have to mull them over and over, they're in a neat little box, you can move on to other things.

4) The memories stick better. This is one thing I really love about LJ, having these records of finishing my masters, meeting my husband, having babies.

5) Finally, if your words are out there leaving an impact on people, it's gratifying. Maybe some part of my story is helping some friend? Just the chance of that happening is motivating, and I bet it has happened, and that makes me happy.

So that's why I keep wanting to make livejournal a priority. Yes I'm busy, but I can cope with being busy if I'm in a good mental place. Writing it all down helps me get there.