May 15th, 2016



Marc's been out of town this weekend so I had the kids. I used to really fear these kinds of events but since the babies are not babies anymore, it's not so exhausting. Actually with everything going on it's blown by.

We did have a bit of an issue though, Friday was a very important day for me to be at work in the morning so I couldn't deal with kid dropoffs so we just sent the girls to spend the night 30 minutes away at their grandparents. This option isn't always available but the grandparents have been healthy lately and the kids are getting old enough, so thank goodness. We had other alternatives... someone else taking them in the morning, asking a sitter to come out at 7am, the Josie school dropoff was going to be tough though. So our plan resulted in Josie missing a day of school. But just one day.

So Friday I woke up totally alone in my house (weird!) showered, went to work, fought the good fight at important meeting, got out by 10:30 and had the rest of the day scheduled for vacation. I had to renew my drivers license. I thought this would take two hours, it took 15 minutes. So I celebrated by going to the makerspace and working on a little free library that was just a door, after this weekend it's done except for the roof!

Drove up north, picked up the babies, drove home, then they were set up to go to the 3x monthly YMCA parents night out so I dropped them off and went back to the makerspace. Spending Friday night in the woodshop with various happy makers was pure bliss. They taught me to use a metal bending thing for some hinges I needed to modify. I met the ceramics teacher and a guy was using the laser cutter to mark dowel rods with this new turner thing we've got.

Saturday morning I worked in the garage while the girls just played together with their toys for a really long time, it was great. I had a lady coming over to claim a little free library, we discussed options, we're doing the installation but we know which one is hers now. We had "make your own pizza" day for lunch. We ran errands in the afternoon - went to the humane society just to look at puppies, then the fabric store and the hardware store. Josie was spending the night at a friend's house so I dropped her off, Olive and I came back and picked up the house and she had a really long bath.

Today's plan: nothing! Roam around, we might hit up the big library for fun in the afternoon. I'm making a stuffed animal bin for my niece. It's kinda cold outside but that's okay. Need to pick up Josie in a few hours. Marc's coming back. That'll be it.