April 11th, 2016



you guys I'm so mad I'm leaving livejournal forever.

just kidding.

real topic for this entry: what do people expect when they join an online community? and why do they post dramatic "you all suck I'm leaving!" posts when they don't get it?

This year I've gotten sucked into a few facebook groups, and the people there are, like, new to the internet or something. Maybe it's because facebook has such a huge swath of the normal population? You have to admit that livejournal, even in its heyday, was a tiny minority of the world. We had some real life friends here but that's only because most of our friends were nerds. Your average grandmother at the supermarket never had a livejournal. But she does have facebook, now! So she gets added to, like, a decorating your house group, and ohmigod we're talking to people three states away! what's going to happen!

I'm reminded frequently in these groups that the internet is apparently new to some people even in 2016. So I'm really amused when these newbies get mad when groups have...

1) Any drama. There's always these group rules about "no name calling! must be nice!" and apparently the newbies see these rules and expect nothing but HUGS. it's worst in the mommy groups. Someone will post up a photo of their kid in a kitchen eating an organic apple sauce and the topic is "we found a healthy brand!", in the background there's some gummy snacks, someone comments that they've found a brand of gummy snacks that are made without high-fructose corn syrup and WHOH GET OUT THE BIG GUNS it's drama time! Pile on the mommy judger! I figure we're all here to improve, right? And if you make a post asking for advice, should you really be trying to control 100.000% of the comments?

these guys wouldn't make it on lj for ten minutes.

2) Anyone going overboard. Posts are most likely to be made by the most excited people, right? This concept is lost on what I call "the lurker flouncer" - their leaving post says they're not like all us other girls they just came here for a few tips but want to keep it simple and can't believe how we take this SO SERIOUSLY. Even if the group has 1000 people and only 30 really active posters... they assume they are one in the 1000 that's the cool "low maintenance" chick.

yes, we know, we know, you're not like other girls.

3) Any change. It was all so cool at first! I was so excited to get to know you all! I joined and posted an intro about myself! Everyone was "so happy to have found this group!" Then we got to know each other and realized we had slight differences and that is SHOCKING, let's start a splitoff group that's going to be COOL like this group USED to be. The idea of every group going through a honeymoon - norming phase is lost on these people. Their new cool group will be totally different.

I bet everyone will be so happy to find it.

When will the whole world, from the high schoolers to the nursing home patients, understand how internet groups work?

This is why I like livejournal. We are over that learning curve.

I think.

Somebody will angrily unfriend me for being too judgy now and prove me wrong.