March 28th, 2016


The Little Library Locator site

You all know I'm way into little free libraries ever since we built our first one in 2012? We the man and I had this idea for a locator app sort of thing. Little Free Library hosts a world map of all the libraries, but it doesn't show where they are relative to you and you can't copy/paste the addresses to get directions from a map software.

We wanted something fast, a simple list view that just said "here's the closest libraries to you" from where ever you're at.

Luckily LFL data is public (yay!) in the form of a PDF, so we were able to get the data into a format where we could build this up:

Little Library Locator

It can use your location, or an alternate zip code, and show the closest libraries with their addresses linked to google maps so you can get directions and go leave some books. It's been a lot of fun and helped ME even find some more libraries in Wichita, where I swear I had seen them all but our fair city is up to like 20 now. I have a permanent "car library" with me at all times these days, a milk crate full of books with little free library labels on them ready to stock empty libraries.

Happy reading, random book lovers!