March 4th, 2016


the roof over my head

Oh, home ownership. Have I ever mentioned how much I miss renting?

I wrote before that my house leaks - mainly over a window in the back part. When it rains, water comes down through the wall, paint is peeling off at the top. When the water hits this window it escapes out onto our carpet and rots all the window around the wood while it's at it. This has been going on for a while.

So I call Roofer A, off Angie's list. Roofer A comes out and says, "Well this is bad news... you know you have a spanish tile roof, and those tiles will last forever. But the stuff UNDER the tiles is not always built to last forever, and that's what you've got... those materials, it's just bad, this will be terrible, we'll need to remove all the tiles, maybe work out a multi-year plan to do one face at a time since it's going to be so expensive, maybe get a structural engineer, I'm sorry, it's just so bad. I'm going to take a tile and see if we can find a match."

Then he doesn't get back with me for a long time. I call him back and he's like, "Well we couldn't find a matching tile" and I say "well can you re-use the existing tile maybe?" and he's like, "Yeah, we need to come back and do an estimate..."

And honestly, he's not real persistant. Kinda deer in the headlights. Every time I talk with him he's telling me that the roof just has to be all replaced and I'm like okay, tell me what it'll cost and I don't hear back.

So we call roofer B. Roofer B is a friend of a friend and is personally recommended - which is supposed to be what Angie's List does, but not always apparently. Roofer B is still from a large roofing company, really the second runner up in the competition.

This guy comes out and looks at the roof, then goes up there with a hose. He moves some tiles and sprays water and nothing happens. Then about 20 minutes into the investigation, BAM, all this water comes in over the window and he's like, "Oh that's the spot! Looks like somebody tried to do a crappy patch job... well we can fix this, we'll have to remove tiles over this whole area but can definitely stop the leak."

This guy is not so deer-in-the-headlights, he's keeping the project moving.

But the first guy, roofer A, has me freaked out still... is it true that my entire roof was built with horrible materials and my whole house is going to fall down one day? He wants to do BIG THINGS. Roofer B wants to do SMALLER THINGS.

Who do I trust?