March 1st, 2016


parenting and feelings

What's a nice way to teach your child that...

1) Feelings are valid. I don't want you to keep your emotions bottled up. You should use your words to let people know how honestly you feel. Sometimes it can take some time to deal with something bad that's happened, it's normal and natural to process and good people will support you through whatever you're experiencing.


2) Your life is not over because you couldn't find your green socks and were forced to wear white ones today. Please get the fuck over it and stop whining or else I will pull this car over and leave you on the side of the road and you can tell the lady at the gas station "safe place" sign all about your socks and maybe they will care, I SOMEHOW DOUBT IT THOUGH.

I swear I can't go ten minutes without tumbling headfirst into contradiction land, it's everywhere.