February 20th, 2016


Zuckerberg's Closet and deciding on clothes

At work I got to talking with the guys about clothes - discussing fashion with engineers is always an adventure, right? I told them that a few years ago I reduced my wardrobe down to what would fit in my small, old house closet and I've never looked back.

I also mentioned the now-famous Mark Zuckerberg closet photo and how he's one of a few male celebs who wear the exact same outfit every day so that deciding what to wear doesn't deduct from their Important Decision quota.

Then this guy Rob says, "what decision?" Apparently Rob just picks the left-most shirt from his clothes closet every day, then gets the pants that most go with it, and calls it good. Every week he hangs up his laundry randomly on the right side. Every shirt in there is a shirt he wants to wear. Totally uncomplicated. He didn't see this as a revolutionary organization strategy at all, he figured everybody did this. Why skip over clothes in your closet? If they're in there you want to wear them, right?

Okay. I guess it is a good idea to talk with engineers about fashion.