February 14th, 2016


marc got the shingles

I've been bad at writing about what's happening in life lately!

Poor Marc got shingles, and I'm afraid I wasn't very supportive, because I suck at being supportive. I swear someday he'll get some medical diagnosis and need a caretaker and I'll be like "GET OFF YOUR ASS OR I'M HIRING THIS OUT." It is not my strength.

To be fair, sometimes I think he's a bit of a hypochondriac. We've all heard of the "man cold", right ladies? That happens in my house. Sorry babe, if you're reading this.

But this week I should have felt sorry for him, he was hobbling around the house with all this pain on his side kinda by his appendix but he deosn't have an appendix, so that was ruled out. He was breathing heavily, sitting with his eyes closed, this started Sunday night so Monday I was like "DO I NEED TO STAY HOME FROM WORK?" and he's like "I don't know..." that's the other thing, I'll ask him if he needs help and he'll weakly say "no, I can get it..." and then almost pass out. I'm like okay, either ask for help or DO it, don't be all martyr-style about it, if you can't do it say so.

Once when we were dealing with newborn josie I kicked him because he was nodding off on the couch, I accused him of flaunting his sleepyiness.

Yeah, I know that's really bitchy and wrong.

Anyway Monday I did stay home a few hours, took the kids to school, so he could go to immediate care. They said it was a pulled muscle, gave him some ibuprofen and muscle relaxers and said he'd be better in a couple days.

He wasn't better. Wednesday I was like "you could go to the doctor" but he didn't, and that made me even madder, I told him he'd better call his doctor Thursday morning.

He went Thursday morning and guess what? After four days of horrible pain and muscle relaxer side effects from hell, it wasn't a pulled muscle, it was shingles!

poor guy! I have heard that shingles SUCKS. I have also heard that it only happens to old people... but marc is in his late 30s, so I guess he's old.

The doctor switched him to a different pain medication and an anti-viral... actually, it's herpes medicine. He was thrilled to pick that up from the pharmacy. But that's what they give you for shingles. And now he's doing much better. Thursday I snuggled with him and we watched a relaxing movie and I tried to be nicer.

Apparently if you've had chicken pox in your life, you can get shingles. It lives in you forever and waits to attack and hurts you along your nerves. And apparently it can be misdiagnosed by immediate care doctors, and that ruins your week. And your wife's week. Let's talk about what's important here.