February 2nd, 2016


wisdom teeth

My dentist says I have a cavity on my wisdom tooth and I just have to have them taken out.

I only have top wisdom teeth - the bottom ones never came in for whatever reasons. Not wise enough, I guess. So this wisdom teeth thing has always been a shadow because with no bottom ones to crunch against, the top ones are descending... they've always been kind of slowly falling out of my face. so my last dentist, who's now retired, was constantly telling me that the gaps caused by their descent would definitely lead to cavities and they'd definitely have to be taken out but I blew him off.

new dentist took x-rays, said "this will hurt you soon", we should definitely take them out.

I have two choices. the most common option to get wisdom teeth removed is to get totally knocked out, wake up and they're gone. you have to go to an oral surgeon to get this done. it sounds expensive to me... my health care deductible is jaw-dropping, and I have a special savings account for it but if I blow all the money that means I go back to pouring money into it, every paycheck, it's awful.

option 2: since mine are just the top ones, she said she could just numb me and pull them out, but it means i'll be awake and feeling all the pressure of having teeth pulled, hear any crunching, it's not for the squeamish.

to add to this decision, my dear husband marc has always been by my side, throughout our marriage, telling me that having his wisdom teeth out was one of the worst things that's ever happened to him. he got dry sockets, whatever that means. he was traumatized.

so, hell.

I'm going to ignore this news for at least a week.