January 1st, 2016


holiday break activities

The company I work at shuts down completely between Christmas and New Years every year, so I have the luxury of having a real break, like a college student, except it's gone on my entire adult life. I worked up until December 23rd, then we were off Christmas eve and aren't returning until January 4th. That's nice.

So it's been a relaxing adventure. We spent Christmas in KC with my family - drove up Christmas Eve and stayed three nights. The kids played together pretty nicely except for the toddlers trying to hurt each other. They got lots of fantastic presents... art supplies, play food, a fort-making kit sort of thing that's like giant tinkertoys you can throw a sheet over when you're done.

We went to Ikea while we were there and spent $30, I'm getting pretty good at getting in and out of ikea without going nuts.

In other shopping trips, Marc and I bought ourselves a new vacuum cleaner to replace our 25 year old electrolux. I got him white gold earrings for his birthday.

Some friends from church needed a sitter so we watched their kids, they came back and we drank wine and talked until late.

We took Josie to see star wars, had other friends to watch olive, we came back and fed them dinner and drank wine and talked until late.

We went to the makerspace several times. The kids colored. I just learned to use the laser cutter. I've been making all kinds of things. Ornaments, boxes, little wood shapes for josie. I made acrylic inserts for the kids' playdoh squirter thing so it can make all different shapes, since their fun factory broke. I always wanted a playdoh fun factory growing up... then I get one, and I don't love the design.

Today we went to the YMCA and swam at the pool.

Last night was new years eve. Marc had a DJ gig as usual, I went to a party down the block, Josie is good friends with their daughter so she stayed the night. Olive and I watched the countdown in new york... well, I watched it, Olive passed out about 10 minutes before the ball dropped, poor thing. Then I went to sleep. I felt no need to watch new years happen in my own time zone.

as a family, we have slowly drifted towards waking up at 10am. we eat and do crafts and clean things and get out of the house maybe once per day at a really unambitious time like 2pm.

I got sick of opensuse and installed xubuntu on my xi3. I'm still troubleshooting a sporatic screen flickr but the printer setup was really easy, that's always the thing that concerns me with linux. most distributions of such nice package managers these days it's nothing like it was back in the day. I could reinstall different linux distros every week, and know that I will quickly get inkscape up and running.

I re-read Matilda by Roald Dahl.

I labeled a box full of books destined for little free libraries.

two more days to chill, then we have to figure out how to only do this on the weekends.