September 25th, 2015


perler takeover

we were at the craft store last weekend, a place I try to avoid because there's always SOMETHING I can't resist, you know how it is, but marc had his big local burning man thing coming up and was making himself a light up tutu. anyway they had perler beads on sale and josie hadn't ever done them before but dang it, I loved these things as a kid. so that's what happened.

we got this kit:

it's fun, and josie's great at it. gets a little frustrated when she's tired, got really pissed off once when we bumped a board and beads went scattering everywhere. little sis tried to eat a few beads but just chewed them up and spit them out. gross.

the only problem with the kit is the colors.

I am pretty good at seeing colors, I think... my husband and father are colorblind so I can totally out-see those guys on the dot tests, I know something's right!

but these beads are a new story. I think all the hot pinks are hot pink. But Josie sees something totally different, apparently. She knows that between the little color bins, the hot pink shifted a bit. then there's the white and light yellow, ugh. and the bright teal and bright blue.

no we did were not able to leave the little bins all separated. there's a two year old involved, for heavens' sake.

but back to the colors... I can't win. They look okay to me unless I STARE at them. She sees the differences right away, so any time she can't find a color and I try to help, it means bad things.

oh well.