September 20th, 2015


spacekid's christmas list

I got home from work last week, at the far off date of like September 15th or so, and the 5-year-old comes bounding down the stairs to say "I have my Christmas list ready!"

just in case we were worried she'd miss the deadline, you know. I thought about explaining to her that Christmas lists should really be saved for the 4th quarter, if there's too much padding in your dates your project won't be taken seriously by the individual contributors. but I shook off the workday and listened to her anyway.

here's what she's got and how she explained it all to me and it was kinda cute so I had to post about it:

from top right to bottom left:

Googley eyes
Two colors of glitter
Playdoh flower cake maker (not sure this is a thing but who knows she watches a lot of youtube and the ad satelites get into her head)
Easter egg dying kit
Snowcone maker
Glow sticks
Frosting bag to squeeze out frosting

Not pictured because she went to page 2:
Donut kit
Pink ballerina leotard
Flower seeds for butterfly flowers

I relayed this to a coworker with teenagers and he just shook his head and said "I wish my kid just asked for glitter", so I'll appreciate the age.