May 28th, 2015


lj cadence

yes, I'm ready to admit I kinda secretly have a livejournal cadence. because I love cadences so much.

what got me to do this was posting about livejournal friends, I was like hell how much am I posting in my livejournal about livejournal? that'll make it pointless pretty fast. I wanted to make sure I spaced those out. I've never liked posting about just one thing. during times in my life when I was absorbed in something, I tried to alternate - like when I had a baby, after the baby was more than 4-7 days old, that baby no longer got to be the sole subject of my journal. When I was working on my pilot's license, I tried to make every other post about not airplanes.

I realize lots of people say "this is MY journal, I will write about whatever I want to write about!" But it motivates me to get comments here. If it was truly just my diary, I'd save it in microsoft word on my hard drive, right? So I write for an audience.

And in a way, I am part of that audience. Maybe not today me, but future me. Future me is a lot like many of you. Reading from the outside, selective memory on what the heck's been going on, not wanting to hear ALL about a single obsession of the week, appreciating a mix of topics. When I look back on my entries five years ago, I am always happy to see that I mixed it up.

So if I'm unsure of when to schedule an entry, or just unsure what to write about, here's what it'll be:

Mondaycommunity, politics, world philosophy
Tuesdaywhat's happening at work, career, finance
Wednesdaymedia, movies, books
Thursdayinternet, livejournal, social media, cool links I found
Fridayfun/Friday 5/writers block/memes
Saturdaywhat's happening at home - the house, kids, husband, pets
Sundayevents of the week, some thing I actually did