May 26th, 2015


weekend with the kids

Well my weekend was exhausting, but had some fun times. I survived. Here's the rundown.

Friday: Marc left town at like 2am to go to a burning man festival in Texas, so it'd just be me and the girls for the next four days. Olive woke up at 4:30 am so that's when my day started. And it was supposed to be raining and crappy all weekend, so no outside plans.

We went to exploration place when it opened and ran around and had fun, but even that didn't wear out the baby enough to get her to nap. Came home, ate lunch. Went to the store for dinner stuff. I got out a painting project - we were going to get the first layer on these little heart boxes we'd be using for Josie's birthday in a few weeks, we'll let the kids glue stuff and put stickers on them but colors would be nice, so that was our afternoon activity. And a huge mess.

FINALLY Olive was getting tired and fell asleep in my arms on the couch, and I fell asleep too. I blinked my eyes open and knew I needed to wake her up around 6 so she'd sleep at night, but I also really wanted some quiet time to myself, it was the first opportunity of the day. It was 5:40. So I got 20 minutes.

Around bedtime my parents visited to stay with us for the weekend, we all went to bed shortly after that.

Saturday: I convinced the parents that trust me, we wanted to get out of the house in the morning, so we went to the Wichita Art Museum since it's free. Ate lunch in the museum cafe which was very nice.

Got home and went for a walk, Dad walking the dog and me following along while Josie rode her bike. She did great.

We went to dinner at Sabor, Mom and Dad wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner. It was good once the food got there. Olive wasn't being very patient though, which interferres with my ability to enjoy a night out, it's just not as relaxing when you're in charge of chasing and calming down a two year old. Mom took her on a walk a bit and that was very nice but I still vowed to get a sitter next time. Actually, every time I eat out with the kids and my parents I vow to never do it again, and then I somehow forget.

We got to play cards when we got home though, that might have been the best part, we used to play cards all the time and adding a grandkid generation has really messed that up.

Sunday mom and dad wanted to go home. Josie and I went to the store to get more food for the weekend, taking advantage of the last few hours my parents could watch Olive, and I made a lasagna for lunch. After they left, I took the kids to YMCA so they could play in the kid zone while I got a smidge of exercise but not on a serious level. Then we went to the humane society and walked around and looked at dogs and cats... another checklist activity for a rainy day.

Sunday night we entertained ourselves by going to the basement and sorting out a bunch of toys in storage, then flipping some around, I brought the wood train set upstairs so they could play with it on the table. It had been packed away, but Olive loves the trains, she was even pointing out the one that passed us downtown, really excited about it.

Josie asked if she could sleep in my bed with me since Marc was gone and we do that sometimes but Sunday night I said no, sorry kid. I need a break from you. I need to sit and read and not have anybody around me. I love you so much we played together all day and will play together all day tomorrow but not tonight.

Monday started early again, and we went to the YMCA again. I dropped off the kids to play and told them I was going to the track... but I only walked a few laps, did some stretches, then took a 30 minute shower and hung out in the sauna and read in the lobby. I feel awesome about that.

I had asked Josie... "does daddy ever have you watch Olive while he takes a shower?" and she looked at me like I was crazy. So I went up to wash my face, and wasn't gone 5 seconds before Olive was screaming about something again. I think it's a very good idea for kids to learn to play alone, but the reality is that this little, they're just not quite there yet. Olive wants to destroy things, take her diaper off, hurt herself. Josie is a lot more independent and did spend some good time outside in the yard by herself, even if it was raining gently, she likes to look for snails. If it was just her I could take a shower. But whatever she's into, Olive wants to be into, and whatever Olive is into, I also have to be into, so there were no breaks.

In the afternoon a friend was having a cookout and there were lots of kids there and Josie got to jump on a big trampoline.

Then I told her that we could go to another playground since the party was winding down, but as soon as we got in the car it started pouring down rain, so I had to change my story on that and felt really bad. To make it up, we went to barnes & noble and played with their wooden train setup which is much more impressive than ours, and I bought josie a little golden book.

Came home, heated up freezer meatballs and peas and carrots and quinoa but josie was only interested in the meatballs and I'm still figuring out what to put with quinoa... it was salt, vinegar and olive oil monday night but they turned out a little strong so I'll have to keep playing with that.

Then we went to sleep, and Marc showed up around 11:30 pm, and I got to go to work today, so I'm much more relaxed.