May 16th, 2015


if I had a time machine...

About to wrap up the question meme, I'm kinda gonna miss it! might have to do a repeat next year. yamamanama asks, "What if you had a time machine that could go anywhere in space and time but only worked once?"

Scenario 1:

According to some websites I found, the powerball jackpot on December 21 2002 was $216 million and nobody won. The winning numbers were 5 22 34 39 52 and the powerball was 30. I would go back in time with this information and give it to my Dad, who's frequently on top of this lottery stuff anyway so he'd take my advice seriously, wouldn't be too weirded out by his daughter from the future going back in time to see him, he'd just say Well of course this is what we'd use a time machine for, thanks kid and he could make it work out for us.

Then I'm not sure if I'd just live my life and see what happens, or leave a note for myself to chase down marc in atlanta, because if I wasn't working in Wichita fates might not lead us together but he'd be really fun if we were independently wealthy, don't want to miss out on that.

hell that's really the letter I wanted when I was 22 years old anyway... "have a few more years of fun, you will meet your soulmate HERE." I could relax about it then.

I know what you're thinking... why be so selfish? Why not change something huge... go back in time and kill hitler. or just to 1981 and tell people in Kansas City to not crowd the walkways at the hyatt regency because they'd collapse? the problem with that is I'm not that confident I can really change anything. I've read a lot about the holocaust... the world was full of awful hateful people. Actually any time I read history, it made me think the world hasn't changed a whole lot, there are awful people now, and there were cautious people at NASA before the Challenger explosion... nobody listened to the voices of reason then.

Why would I think I could change the past, I'm not even that good at changing the present?

Scenario 2:

But I watch sci-fi, I know some time machines don't let you change stuff or punish you for trying to avoid your fate, so maybe it'd be safer to just go to the future. I'd take my family. We'd go forward 200 years, because by then I bet technology will be really cool, but it's not so far out that we've blown ourselves up yet. I don't have confidence in the human race much further out than that, hate to say it.

According to star trek we'll be zooming around the universe in 400 years so I wish I was more confident, I'd like to go see that. But I also read The Physics of Star Trek and it's kind of a depressing book that makes it out to all be impossible. So, bummer.