May 13th, 2015


my reality TV show idea/pitch: fix my websites!

So you know how I wrote that my guilty pleasure was reality TV?

I was trying to think of a reality show that'd be a little more in line with my life, something in my field. Although I'm interested in people with problem pets, kids, houses, restaurants, they're not really me.

So my pitch for a show? Fix my website!

A team of experts strolls into a home, office, or event and tells the tech staff everything they're doing wrong about their internet presence...


Your CSS is a disaster! This isn't responsive at all! Don't you know flat interfaces are trending now?

What's this animated GIF in the background, Geocities called from 1997 they want their website back!

Your blog sucks! A post can't just be three words and a stock photo, what are you saying? There's nothing sharable here!

Everyone hates your clickbait titles! Quit starting every article with "you won't believe..."

I added a quote mark in a form field and totally exposed a sql injection vulnerability, who's running your security audits! Get in line!


I'm not qualified to be the "expert" per se for this show, but I'd be a huge fan.