April 16th, 2015


where I'd like to travel

the question meme is producing more questions. slemslempike asked, Do you have any plans about where you'd like to travel internationally?

yes, but the plans are still vague. I posted before that I felt bad about never having traveled, like a person needs to get out in the world to gain some perspective. So we are trying to go to europe next year.

Spain is a candidate because marc and I both speak a tiny bit of spanish, not a ton but with some brushing up there's hope. Also since it's on the coast we'll get a much different lifestyle than we get in our landlocked state we live in.

Switzerland is a candidate because marc has a good friend who lives there, and having a local guide can really help out, in any city you go. I'm worried it might be a little weird to get to.

Amsterdam is a candidate because I've always wanted to go there for the museums, I've heard it's friendly and easy to get around.

I'm kinda wondering how the trains work, if we spend a week there would it take way too much time away if we took a train to see a second country? I hear these stories that make it sound like people "do europe", I don't know if that's a better option or if we should stick to a single city and emerge ourselves in one culture.

The following countries have been kicked around, but are not candidates:

England - Sorry people but I really cannot imagine this being that much different from America. I want an eye-opening world travel experience. I don't think I'll get that if I go someplace where they all speak english, that's cheating isn't it? And I work with people from England every day. If I want to talk to someone from England I can go across the aisle, so why fly across the ocean to meet more? Same with Australia.

India - Too different, I'm not ready, people said it'd be daunting. Also I want to go someplace where I can trust the food and water and I'm not so sure I'm ready for that elsewhere. I do want to go to India for sure someday but not next year.

Japan - Sounds so cool I actually don't want to go there for our first trip. We're bound to screw something up in all this, so let's not start with one of our #1 destinations.

So next steps... I might see if there's a local travel agent who could give us advice on this, or just a well-traveled person. I know how to find guidebooks but they're mostly about what to do when you're at a country, not how to plan to get there, right? Also we're getting passports this year, for sure.

I really want this to happen. I feel bad that I'm in my mid-30s and haven't been off the continent yet.