April 15th, 2015


the best of @spacefem on twitter

yes it's true, I complain about people who ship their tweets to livejournal because it they never make any damn sense... links, @replies, out of context retweets. I like that livejournal has that modify friend page so you can filter out tags you don't care about, so really most of you who ship your tweets here, don't worry, I won't even notice and complain about you, I screened those posts out long ago.

but I do like twitter and do have some tweets I'd rather not lose, so here's the livejournal version of my favorite tweets of the year. based on personal opinion, and my favstar. while I do like actual blogging better, sometimes I can come up with a reasonable thought in 140 characters, right?

parenting tips...

4yo learned to apply temporary tattoos by herself. looks like she joined some kind of queen elsa biker gang. [...]

Kid hurt at birthday party, we're like RUB SOME FROSTING ON IT GET BACK IN THERE [...]

I support mothers so much I help them get drunk at their own kids bday parties [...]

office politics...

Is it gloating to have "I Told You So" trophies made up to hand out at opportune times? [...]

I thought I'd be an engineer like on Star Trek, the only part that came true was that we can't get drunk at work. [...]

Is January the month when it gets less cool to share leftover Halloween candy with your coworkers? [...]

Has anyone gone on Shark Tank with a nudist laundromat? Cause that was gonna be my big idea. [...]

When I'm a CEO I'll just have a huge desk with three buttons: schedule crunch, schedule slide, release the hounds. [...]


Anti-feminists make me feel like I'm totally missing out having never been on a sinking ship so I can flaunt my lifeboat privilege. [...]

and finally, twitter itself

When someone complains about getting stars instead of RTs on their tweets I so want to just click the star. [...]