April 10th, 2015


guilty pleasure books and shows

I asked my friends to ask me questions for lj inspiration this month, and am still accepting some, but thank you to hardblue for this one!

Apr 10. Do you have any guilty pleasures in terms of movies that you like to watch or books you like to read?

so the sad thing is that my guilty pleasure books I immediately forget the titles of. yes I pick them up. usually they're in the little free library by my house, I'll be in there browsing for Serious Titles. Non fiction, business or personal finance, classic literature. But instead I'll find some book whose spine is not beige, whose jacket reads like "martha loves her totally cool life and job, until a parallel universe opens and a total hottie sweeps her off her feet, is he really an ALIEN?"

and I'll say sure what the heck.

and then I never blog about it, and the titles are totally gone from memory. let's see... last one I can actually recall is the first book from the sharing knife series by Lois McMaster Bujold, I swear I did not even know they were going to hook up and be sexy, I swear.

After I read that I have to balance out with something that makes me feel smarter, but I have learned that balance is good. Better to read five smutty silly chick lit books in a month than have some smart physics-y book like "Fabric of the Cosmos" on your nightstand for eight months straight, you need those quick reads to get you reading again. My roommate taught me that... I'd pick up her overdramatic jodi picoult novels, kill it in a weekend and say "there, I read a book".

so that's books.

when it comes to the screen it's reality TV, which marc does not like but I do. bridezilla's marriage bootcamp? awesome. nanny 911? fantastic, I could judge the shit out of those families all day. anywhere that people are just generally dysfunctional and can't get along with each other because they lack basic logic or reasoning skills. I also watch some home decorating shows. I think "clean house" with neice nash has to win my award for best reality tv ever because it combined home decorating WITH dysfunctional people, what's not to love.

movies, I don't really watch because I don't ever have time, it's sad. I can't sit for two hours and watch something. so it has to be worth it. I don't have two hours to be guilty about.

Why Star Trek is better than Star Wars

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Oh god, star trek, a million times.

What the hell is Star Wars even about? One nobody from anywhere bringing balance to the force? Using religion to fix politics? I like a good wookie as much as the next nerd but Star Wars was designed to create taglines for action figures to say, not to explore the deeper themes that science fiction is entitled to.

Star Trek, on the other hand, is about everything beautiful and right in the world. A meritocracy where humanoids of all races and species wander the galaxy in a world seemingly free of budget constraints. Where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but not in a borg kind of way. Who we are as individuals adds and compliments everyone around us, where we all know Spock will fight for what's logical and Captain Picard will wear whatever the aliens tell him to wear on his head for cermonial purposes and Admiral Janeway doesn't need to introduce herself before giving orders.

And most important... it's a place where engineers are totally cool.

Give me Star Trek any day. Never enough.