April 6th, 2015


hockey game

last week's highlight: a friend of our scored tickets to the hockey game, so we ran out to see the Wichita Thunder play... some team in red. details are inconsequential.

Olive was pretty happy with it! Marc taught her to say "hockey game". We bought her a hot dog, which she only ate the top of:

She loved watching the zambonis, but who doesn't? one of the zambonis had a logo on it for the Make A Wish foundation, which got me thinking, what if some kid's wish was to ride around on the zamboni? there's not a seat for a passenger though which I think is a loss. I googled, and there are some setups for this but they're a little complicated. Given how many people love zambonis I'd think they'd put more into this, make it like a parade, waving politicians or mascots on them constantly, right?

speaking of mascots I spotted the Thunder Dog in our section and took olive to go see him and josie wanted to go too, which didn't make any sense because she's still afraid of people in full costumes, yes. I guess she just didn't want to get left out? So we get up to the dog and Olive is a little stand-offish but gives him a high five, and Josie cowers behind me despite any encouragement I can offer.

actual hockey game: no idea what happened, josie got tired and whiny and wanted to go home so we left after the second period and it was tied 3-3. I got to witness one of those six goals scored, the rest of the time I was walking around with kids or just kinda zoning out.

here's a blurry family selfie!