April 4th, 2015


how I met my husband

I love the meme people are doing where they let their friends ask them questions and blog about them, I might have to do that sometime! I like reading the stories.

But anyway, on almost everybody's questions there seems to be one for "how did you meet your SO?"

And I haven't really put that story on one livejournal post, mostly because it's all on livejournal, I started livejournal in 2002 and met my husband in 2005. The rise of our relationship is all on here, right after the rise (and fall) of a few others. But my friends list now is quite different than it was 10 years ago, and I can't just send people back to read those entries because it gets more spread out and complicated in real time. And it's not that wholesome a story, it wasn't love at first sight, once we were together I wasn't instantly 100% sure he was the one. It was during a pretty crazy time of my life... well, let me just start in...

Short version: I like to say we met on a road trip to a hacker conference.

Longer version: Collapse )