March 8th, 2015


livejournal friends table

I got two problems using livejournal data.

First, once I start getting data, I can't focus and DO something simple with it, I must do ALL THE THINGS.

Second, this means I never get around to making it pretty, or even telling anyone about it. I realized this weekend I have something like 20 pages of weirdness going nowhere. So I picked ONE MEME to put here today.

I made a simple application that puts your friends and their relationships with you in a table. And it shows their interests so you can see who actually has interests in English. And it doesn't show deleted accounts like the nearly unusable edit friends page. So I think it could help some people.

Of the junk I've been pitching around with it, my favorite is this algorithm that groups up your friends by interests, it might help some people find each other because remember one of the things I said I'm doing this year is helping livejournallers network a bit more?

See I can't even stop talking.

Dear livejournal friends: What data do you want to see about your friends list? What would help you? What would be nifty?

Here's this:

Popular Interests Among Friends of spacefem

This meme looks at mutual friends who've updated in the last 90 days.
reading (41%) books (36%) music (33%) writing (28%) cooking (26%) cats (23%) movies (19%) harry potter (18%) history (17%) love (15%) science fiction (15%) travel (15%) feminism (15%) photography (15%) nature (13%) hiking (13%) fantasy (13%) poetry (12%) computers (12%) art (12%) chocolate (12%) tea (12%) food (11%) psychology (11%) swimming (11%) animals (10%) politics (10%) friends (10%) mythology (10%) coffee (10%) learning (10%) tattoos (10%) yoga (10%) sushi (10%) internet (10%) knitting (9%) science (9%) dancing (9%) philosophy (9%) cheese (8%) shopping (8%) hugs (8%) singing (8%) star wars (8%) musicals (8%) literature (8%) wine (8%) stars (8%) dogs (8%) sex (8%)

Unique Shared Interests Among Friends of spacefem

This meme shows mutual friends of spacefem who've updated their livejournal in the last 90 days.

thai food
kishenehn smittenbyu dark_phoenix54 tequiladawn anita_margarita yamamanama

mark356 dynamicgirl sharya one_raido azuma_chan sugar_sweet

isabeau lantairvlea morlockkid vanilla_skie starcrossed brithistorian

shannon_elaine brian1789 deloric ariel817 yamanin becomingkate

sio cindylou07 zorpisuttle bluepapermate ms_geekette just_demented

spacefem katherineh mareserinitatis sunneschii meemo506 sarahtwotwo

shutterbug amberdawnpullin fieryphoenix georgiamagnolia dairymilk radhardened

dangerpudding okoshun andrewducker litlebanana mrs_dragon megaw0man

aliki jennyrhill jume rottenfruit mystickeeper ant_fugue

athene browngirl davidkevin binaryathena mai_neh metawidget

season kirstene tweekers consortofvenus kosherchick microxcuts

tabloidscully heathersmoo nanikore altamira16 babygrl7296 stagger_lee77

easter the_lady_lily shesingsnow paradoxicalme nessasplace lilac_ribbon spikesgirl58

yesthatjill lady_bird dreamsrundeep susandennis dichroic motorharp fauxklore yesthatjill

nibot jeffrock betawriter ironphoenix astrogeek01 sandokai serendipitou5

wig dreago cactus_rs redheadedfemme lycomingst songindarkness

kriski calzephyr77 rick_day fansee elcebollagato penguin_emerald

asciident megan322 rdfreak wildirishrose80 aryanhwy siglinde99 strivingtoohard

randomdreams buzzards_bunny gobbolina cutiebirdgal lavenderspark amayasora2992

Friends Interests Meme by spacefem